Skin Health 4 Life - butterfly beautique, oswestry
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Skin Health 4 Life


Skin Health 4 Life

Here at Butterfly Beautique, in the heart of Oswestry, we pride ourselves on taking care of our lovely loyal customers. That is one of many reasons why we are launching Skin Health 4 Life.

We are now offering the celebrity favourite Hydrafacial treatments. But with a twist.

Skin Health 4 Life by Butterfly Beautique is a course of signature, deluxe and platinum facial treatments. These treatments will be uniquely tailored to your skin type, and designed to cleanse, peel, extract, fuel and protect your skin.

Our aim is to leave your skin feeling completely rejuvenated, with instant results that you can see and feel. We believe that Hydrafacial treatments are the future of skin care, and could not resist sharing this secret with you all.

If you’re ready to face life, face first, then this one’s for you!

Don’t panic about paying for your course in one chunk, as we are going cardless! You can now pay us monthly, and say goodbye to block payments. BOOK NOW: